Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google Docs site

WHY do the Google people that occasionally post on groups -
When we CAN'T.

Google needs to HOOK ALL Parts of their programs together,
so they work TOGETHER.

Gmail = NEEDS - Ability to ADD words to the Spell Checker

Other Services that might be what YOU are looking for -
ThinkFree - Word processor - SSheet - More
IF you email G here is the response you will get -
What it says is - Leave us alone, G DOESN'T CARE. to me
show details 7:06 AM (2 minutes ago)


Thank you for writing to us at the Google Blog. We appreciate hearing from
you, but can't guarantee responding to each and every message. However, we
do read every note, and will take your suggestions and comments into
account as we continue to develop the blog. If you have a specific
question you'd like answered, please visit to submit
your message. If we'd like to include your comments in a future post,
we'll be in touch to ask your permission.

The Google Blog team
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